a.k.a. ZaGa

I have over a decade of experience in audio and video production. Working with audio is something I have been constantly passionate about for my entire life. Today I do freelance work for recording, sound design, production, and live performances as a DJ or sound engineer.


Sound synthesis and design
Music composition
Music production
Audio mixing and cleaning
Live sound mixing
VFX production

What I Use:

Izotope RX - ​audio editing/cleaning
Adobe Audition - audio recording/editing
Reaper (digital audio workstation) - ambisonics/surround sound mixing
Ableton Live (digital audio workstation) - ​composition/mixing/live loop
FL Studio (digital audio workstation) - ​composition/mixing
Wwise - game audio engine work environment
FMod Studio - game audio engine work environment
After Effects




  • S.T.A.R.S VR Teaser

    I am creating and mixing sound effects and music for a VR game and related media.

  • Exploring S.T.A.R.S. - Episode 1

    For this documentary I cleaned the voice over track, added sound effects, and music.

  • Blombo – Stuck In The Middle With You

    On this project I worked with the Toronto rock band Blombo and two videographers. I set up a multi-track recorder and patched each member of the band in to record each performance simultaneously. After a few takes I then post processed each audio track, mixed them, and mastered for the final result that you hear in the video.

  • Son Roberts - Keep That Joint Alive

    For this live video I had both roles of a live audio engineer and a recording engineer, running a mixer for the PA system that the audience could hear and one multi-track recording console for the video. I then mixed and mastered the tracks and the results are what you hear in the video.

  • Blombo – Trip To The Edge

    Here's a track from Blombo`s album "Cautiously Optimistic" that I recorded, mixed, and mastered.

Streaming Music